VPN - Secure Internet Connection

A VPN provides an IPsec secure encrypted internet connection from almost any internet connected device which is especially useful if connecting from mobile devices via third-party WiFi connections which are extremely insecure by nature. You can choose to have an IP address that appears to come from the UK, Netherlands, France, German, USA, Canada, Japan or Singapore and can switch between these locations if travelling. A fixed IP address can often also be provided which is useful if needing to services or websites that are IP restricted for security.

Dedicated IP Address

This gives your website its own dedicated IP address and is a requirement if you wish to secure parts of your site using a SSL certificate

Customer Chargeable Hours

Place holder product for any customer chargeable hours as agreed

Customised Website / Server Backup Solution

We will create and implement a customised Website or whole server backup solution based on your requirements. This can include backups created on external servers, backups created on Amazon S3 external storage through High Availability hosting solutions. Prices vary depending on your specific requirements and are available on a monthly or yearly basis

Cloudflare Pro Plan